Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can we make this a new tradition?

After we dropped Cierra off at camp on Sunday we decided to stop at the local beach for a quick dip as it was so hot. We were lucky to find one small area of shade for Mitchell and I to sit in while the kids and Drew went in for a dip. I sat off to the side and talked with a few ladies who turned out to be teachers in the area. The kids seemed to have a great time - the lake was very gradual until after the buoy line where it dropped off significantly.

Perfect for them. And of course we were in the quiet area. They then settled in at the edge to play in the sand.

The topper of course was when Matthew asked Drew if we could make this an annual tradition. Drew asked if we could make it even better by adding an ice cream cone? For sure!

We packed up after an hour or so and did get ice cream - running into an old babysitter of mine! Her husband was actually volunteering at the camp that week as well. Too funny. We chatted for about half an hour getting caught up on life while we enjoyed our ice cream.

After our goodbyes we headed to the park down the street. Poor Marlee was suddenly overcome with black fly bites though and with the impending storm we headed out.
Somehow we missed the storm and called my parents on the way into town, conveniently inviting ourselves for dinner where another old friend happened to be visiting. After another great meal and chat it was home to bed. What a day!
And not a bad tradition to be starting if Matt does say so!

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