Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Gift Albums, Fashion Shows and Silent Auctions

My dad asked me to attend our local agencies silent auction/fashion show with him this past week as my mom had extra tickets and couldn't go. It's been years since I have attended so of course I said yes. I also happened to have committed to donating 2 scrapbook albums to the worthy cause. Being the procrastinator that I tend to be (I'm getting better) and the overachiever I sometimes am, I kind of forgot how long these albums can take to make. They are pretty simple really but still, they take time. I mean it is 40 pages. In less than a week by the time I decided to start. So I had a few late nights. But overall I was quite pleased with the results - so much so that had I actually had more time I would have kept them for the two girlfriends that had babies this week and made smaller, faster ones for the auction. Oh well, now when I make new albums for these friends I will make duplicate pages for future things such as these. But, just so I can show off my work (Not that it is at all original - many are scraplifted of course; credits can be seen at flickr), I hope to get a mini slide show here.

BTW? The show was great - so fun to see people with special needs and the people invovled with them have such a great time. I woudl love to see Cierra particiapte one of these yeasrs - she wouls have a blast! Oh and my albums? I had to leave early, but one was at $40 and one was at $45!!!! WOW!

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