Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen!

Why do I do it? I am so glad that I went for a run this morning but man do I feel gross right now! What a fabulous meal - just way too much of it. I really felt like exercising some more just to feel better but now that the kids are in bed and we got all of the car emptied and put away it is the last thing on my mind. As I said - I'm glad I ran this morning!

So a recap on the day...

Marlee woke us up early (too early 5:50 - thank goodness she went back to bed - to her OWN room) - we then put them off doing anything until we climbed out of bed at 7am - at which point Drew said "we're really going to make it to the sunrise service?" You betcha mister! And they did great. We were at the park by the water by 7:30am! Brisk, but cool and what a glorious sunshine! We saw ducks, an otter-like animal and the kids were actually pretty good! It's been 3 or 4 years since we've made it to this service. A great way to start the day!

I ran home and was greeted with french toast! Nice treat I haven't had in, a year? The kids were eager to get going with the 'hunt' so the toast had to wait. The task was to find the first clue (in a book) and then start the hunt - bringing everything back to sort. The eggs had some treats, some puzzle pieces and 12 that go with the numbered resurrection eggs. We read through the easter story and then put the puzzle pieces together. They led to a final clue for their final easter prize. Cierra got a bag and socks, Matt got a jacket, shirt and a new spiderman bedspread and Marlee got a dress and a movie. The 'family' got a new swing to add to the swing set and the first season of 7th Heaven which we hope to watch as a family.

I then got a 'surprise' - Matt had put together a scavenger hunt for me as well! It was so cute - 4 clues around the house that led me to some beautiful perfume that Drew 'got' me (wink -wink!) There was also an egg hunt in the bedroom just for me! What great kids. Marlee did quite well not totally ruining the surprise.

I managed to get in a quick shower and back to church we went. A great service - the place was full, people to catch up with and again the sunshine. It is amazing how the sun can just really compliment the whole mood of the day.

After church we raced home to get the dog and then headed to the farm. Much to the kids dismay we had to have lunch before they could explore the barn. But when they finally got to - they weren't let down. Another haul! It was too brisk to stay outside so we all lounged inside - some of us had a snooze; some watched some golf or scooby doo and some oohed and ahhed over new magazines and colouring supplies. Don outdid himself with a great ham and everyone else contributed to the state of bloating that I am now feeling. Dad was able tocome out since mom is visiting grandma and grandpa and he even brought his first attempts at homemade pie. Well done! There are lots of leftovers to carry on this day. And now I am ready for bed - apparently Drew is too since he is asleep on the couch.

Do you think she needs some new tights?

Happy Easter!

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