Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 2009 Recap

Welcome April!

As you can tell, the Simple Woman thing didn't work out that well. I think I need to vary the day because I've basically spent all day Sunday at church for the month (dance you know =~) so you may see some here and there in the future. I was also thinking of keeping track of odd things like how much toilet paper we used but then Matt got some extras for a craft and Drew didn't count one week... yep - blame the other guys. But I do need to look at changing things up a bit. I will have to investigate some other options.

Celebrations/ Events to Remember:
- Children's Evangelical Minsitry Seminar (25th)
- Funeral Brian Griffin (Kerry's dad) (27th)

Movies seen:
Willy the Sparrow
House Bunny (Yes, really)
Kite Runner
Enchanted (2nd time)
Quantum Solace
Monsters & Aliens (at the theatre)

I worked out at least 15 times in the month

Books read:
How Did I get so Busy?;
Somebody Else's Summer;
Shattered Dreams;
Something Borrowed

From my procrastination list
- I finally did my mending

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