Monday, March 1, 2010

February 2010 Recap

Time for my monthly recap! I find these posts so helpful for my organizational style. I recently went back through my notes all the way to when we were married (12 years ago) and did yearly recaps in a similar format. I have no memory recall so this helps so much!

Exercise – I’m still did my weekly 52 card pick up with Rina and I’m definitely counting my daily walks to and from school (Although I have driven more lately =()

Books/ Magazines Read – scrapbooks etc magazine; CK magazine; reading Diaper Free

Entertainment - TV/ Movies Seen – Masada, LOST, Horton Hears a Who; Olympics; Survival Special;

Special Events – kids skiing lessons on Sundays; parent council (2nd), Church hiring committee; church storage meetings; Winterfest (6th); Superbowl Party (7th); Family Day (15th); Dinner out with friends; Marlee – birthday parties to Grace (20th) and Isabella (27th); Matt to John’s birthday party (28th);

Travel – n/a

Significant Purchases/ changes – garage loft done;

Health – Cierra – eye appointment (8th); kids sick (14-15th); 32-35 weeks pregnant – general fatigue (not bad); itchy; swollen hands developing (Carpal tunnel); heartburn in last week; some sciatica

Accomplishments – LOAD Feb2010 (See LOAD post)

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