Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easing into routine

What a great day - of doing relatively little. I don't think I've indulged this way in a looong time. The kids were all at school so I went back to sleep with Baby M for an hour - woke to feed and back to sleep for another hour. Off and on feeding (and changing), catching up on blogs and reading. Back to sleep for another hour and then the kids got home. We went to Mitchell's first doctor appointment (he's up to 8lbs 6oz) and then took Matt to play practice, and then home for a late dinner. I have to admit I am now a bit sore and ready to sit for a while. Neat how the day prepared me for that though.

I was saying to Drew that this schedule looks like it might work well - I have every other day where I can nap more if needed since the kids are at school and the baby and I will be alone, and the opposite days are longer with the extra kids. By the time the kids are out of school in June we should have a better night time routine in place that will coincide more with the kids and the daily routine. Oh how I hope so! Otherwise, so far so good!

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