Monday, March 8, 2010

Tremblant getaway

Our trip to Tremblant was great! When I can join the kids skiing again I think I will be in for a big surprise. They will have long outdone me. They did mostly blue squares and some black diamonds - areas I'm sure I would not have had the courage to try. Marlee had a few wipe outs but thankfully kept persevering. She did opt out of Sunday's ski as her ankle hurt so we had a nice quiet time at the condo together.

There was plenty to do - from the skiing to hot tubbing to just hanging out at the condo. If we'd had time we could have done dog sledding, free snow tubing, ice skating or just wandering around the village. Most of the time the kids just wanted to go hut tubbing when they weren't out skiing - that or play Trouble. They all got along amazingly well - especially for it being the first time away together. The condo had lots of room and was certainly fine for me to just hang out. They didn't seem to be away skiing for too long periods anyway so I never had time to get lonely (not that I do anyway) - I had books and scrapbooking - which I never got around to - and Drew got the wireless Internet running by Saturday.

Anyway - all in all a fun trip and surprisingly I'm not feeling any ill effects from the long car ride yet. Hopefully it will stay that way. Most people when they found out I was going at 9 months just said that they could tell it was our third. I guess they are right!

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