Friday, March 12, 2010

Diaper discussion

I met today with a woman who I plan on signing up for a cloth diaper service with. She came to the house to show me her product and tell me about her washing service. I am totally excited! I had been debating about how to go about this whole issue since we found out about the baby. I really felt that cloth would be the way to go this time - especially since we can't recycle or compost the diapers through Small Planet anymore. I read some really good posts about cloth diapering on Simple Mom but have honestly left things till the last minute. I then came across an article in the paper about Munchkin Bums and put it on the back burner - still thinking I'd just do it myself. This week I went around to the used clothing stores and realized that there really aren't a lot of used diapers to get out there. Enter the service again - and when I asked Drew, he was totally on board with using a service and not doing anything ourselves. Works for me!

So anyway, I met with Lisa today, who apparently MAKES all of the diapers herself! They looked to be of great quality and the price is comparable to buying disposables. I am still totally on board with trying to go as diaper free (using elimination communication) as much as possible but I realize that I still have to have something around. I can't wait to see how this works out.

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