Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2 more weeks!!!

I had my last appointment with my Ob/Gyn today before DDay. He is gone next week on March Break. All in all everything has gone really well. I' was thinking today of how I had really wanted to use this blog as a way of recording my pregnancy and it's progression. So much for that. I find by the end of the day, I'm just pooched and this is really one of the last things on my mind. Oh don't get me wrong, during the day I think of all sorts of marvelous things to say - but they are out the window after 6pm. But enough of that.

My doctor was impressed with my weight gain (25lbs in total) and that it has been stabilized over the time period he has seen me. My only complaints right now are numbness in my hands when I eat or write (carpal tunnel syndrome which should disappear after birth), general fatigue and numbness in my upper chest. He attributed that to the fact that the skin by your belly button is the thinnest in the body and as it gets stretched out over the belly, the pressure causes more numbness there as well. There IS a lot of pressure. The vericose veins and associated itching are a lot less then they were a few months ago. Now it's just lower body pressure. I really need to sit down and do a comparison of all three pregancies. I have such poor recall it would be geat to see it in front of me. Do I see a scrapbook page coming on?

A lot of people are just beginning to notice that I am pregnant at all. It has been such a warm week that I've worn a vest outside and well, you can't hide it anymore. Daily, I am having someone ask if I am indeed pregnant and are shocked that I only have 2 weeks to go. I'm shocked too.

As for the actual DDAy - our doctor is actually on call so we are to go to the hospital for 8am and wait until we are called in. Matt and Cierra will still go to school and Marlee will stay home with YaYa and the other kids normally here on Thursdays. From there we will see. Still no idea on the gender and still not conclusive on the names. But time is ticking!

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