Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day!

Did everyone have a good St Patty's Day? I can't say that I have thought too much of this holiday a lot in the past (Other than going out for a green beer at the local Irish pub downtown)but it is certainly more fun with the kids around. When they are around. It seems that it always falls on March Break and this time they were at a sleepover and then a movie with family. But I celebrated quietly by myself until everyone got together for dinner.

We've been green for about a week
- using subway art from here,
and some self made photo creations to liven up the place.
We aren't much on "luck" - we prefer to think of ourselves as blessed so I re-worked a few ideas for display. I created a beatitudes display but ran out of printer ink so it will have to wait for next year. I was going to print it at the church but the fonts got all mucked up. I need to learn how to make it a pdf or something.

Dinner was quite festive though I must say. The table was all decked out in green,
I wore my green wig and clothes and we had green food. The menu included:
  • green mashed potatoes
  • green broccoli
  • green peas
  • ham (couldn't make it green but I have an idea for ground beef next year)
  • chocolate mint chipit ice cream
  • lime jello with whipped cream

I did a quick reading on the history of St Patrick and why it is celebrated today. I love that we can celebrate a simple holiday with a simple Christian message.

The kids also got a goody bag with tattoos, St Patrick's Day buttons, green shoestring licorice, green mini marshmallows, green jelly bellys and mint Aero chocolate bars. They were a big hit. Simple and sweet!

Go Green!

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  1. Yum. We had crockpot corned beef and cabbage with mashed potatoes - super easy. Adobe has a PDF maker - I think you can download some versions for free. It can solve a lot of those font/typeset gliches.