Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Monday - wall pictures

I finally got around to changing these photos the other day. (I know the clarity isn't that great but "technically" they are copyrighted...right?).

When Sarah and John and Macy were here at Christmas we decided to update our family portraits. They turned out really well and I love them. It just means that they replace the old ones. And it is a daily reminder of how things change and times moves on.

Oh how our our family has changed! Everyone is a little older. Grandma and Grandpa are no longer with us. Mitchell and Macy have joined us. When you change out the old with the new it feels like a part of us is missing. I know that is not true as those that have gone on will always be with us.

But not seeing them there at their spot on the wall reminds me more clearly of their absence.

It is also a reminder of how much I am enjoying photos as decoration - so that we can see the people in our lives and remember the times we shared with them.

Soooo what am I trying to say?

Missing you guys today!

But glad of the additions!

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