Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kingston - Monday

Monday was a pretty lazy day. I got to sleep in a little while the other folks made their way to an early water park experience (Mitchell included - bonus!). I took our friends' kids down to check on everyone (they quite enjoyed the hot tub).

I then came back up to try to get Mitchell down for a nap. K and I and Mitchell ended up hanging out for a bit since he wouldn't go down. We had Timmy's for brunch and then played some family games in the lounge area. It was a really great idea there that would be neat for church too. They had a giant snakes and ladders. big connect four, bean bag toss, twister, a large tic tac toe and a few others we didn't try. Just as we were heading out Silly Sally the clown came in, made some funky balloon hats and we were outa' there. The H's were going to explore Kingston a bit and since we weren't that organized we just drove around a bit, saw the penitentiary (and the wind turbines across the border) and then drove on to the highway.

Not too exciting. We did stop at Denny's for "linner", a favourite and then IKEA where Drew got the EXPEDIT shelving he was wanting for his closet and I got Mitchell a new potty. Bright red. He likes it! The kids also got the splurge of a lifetime - new puppies. Low and behold the very dogs that they played with all weekend were from IKEA. So Drew caved and got them each $16 dogs. I guess if your wife won't let you get the real thing....

So all in all a great time away. I would definitely do it again although my preference is to try new places. I hope that we haven't worn out our welcome with our friends and that we can look forward to doing this again next year!

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