Thursday, March 17, 2011

Owl's Head

We had a great time in Owl's Head over the weekend. We met up with our friend's the H's at Tim Horton's and got on the road by 8:30am. Mitchell did awesome and our first stop was near Port Hope on the 401.

Matt helped keep Mitchell entertained here and there with the ipod.

We arrived late afternoon and settled in. The accommodations were great for us.

It was a multi-suite chalet where our suite had three rooms and a common area with a kitchen.
We were able to sign out the hot tub for 1/2 hour increments each day for our family. They were definitely dated and the carpet was icky. There also wasn't any Internet connection (for 3 days!!!) But the best part?

You walk out the front door, cross the street and the hill was there.
Right there. Skis on, zip down a few feet and get on the chair lift and you're off. On Saturday Marlee wanted to finish off her run and I convinced her to do 2 more runs before she had to go to the bathroom. Best thing? I just called Drew and he came to the door and picked her up. I then went on to do 2 more runs - zip - zip and the chair lift closed and I walked back in the door. Very cool.

So we spent Friday and Saturday skiing. And making meals. And conversing with our friends. We learned to play UNO spin. We watched some old movies on TV. We laughed at Mitchell. We played with the H's 'dogs'. We made numerous trips to the local grocery store (if you can call it that). We had a blast.

Stay tuned for Sunday's timeline...

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