Monday, March 14, 2011

We're back!

It is 11:00pm and this is what I am facing.

We got back at 8:20pm after a whirlwind long weekend away to Owl's Head, the US and Kingston. I already have most of the van emptied, one load of laundry done, another load just about to go. The kids are asleep (Mitchell got up twice since), I've checked in with mom and now that I've caught up on my favourite blogs (no Internet access for 4 days!!!) I am about ready to get tidied up. Oh yes, and Drew was called out to work at 9pm. Did I mention that I like to come home to a tidy house? It makes coming home such a welcome sight. It also makes the dreaded activity of putting away our travel gear that much more encouraging. I want to keep the house tidy and welcome for the morning.
So here I go.

It is now 11:47 and short of putting the kids bags straight into the laundry, we are unpacked and ready to go in the morning. And then I can discuss our trip away. Til then!

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