Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday Travel

On Sunday....

we slept in (forgot about daylight savings) and packed up. We left around 11:30 and decided to cross the border into Vermont. Man what a change in scenery AND road conditions! We passed one fairly bad accident which really didn't surprise me. There were pot holes everywhere! We headed to Burlington, Vermont where we passed lots of sorority and frat houses for the University of Vermont. I was sad that we couldn't stop at Michael's. American Michael's are so much better than ours! We visited the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center for a good part of the morning. It was really neat. It had lots of animal exhibits and interactive things that would interest the kids. Mitchell does not appear to be disturbed by snakes as evidenced by his lack of fear. ME? As long as it is behind the glass...

And so many turtles and frogs! Did I mention I used to have some fire-bellied toads? I can't wait until we can have something like that around here.

Marlee did a weather channel update for us all complete with props...

She also tried out the hands-on structures exhibit - triangles anyone? And who knew that our magnetix were educational?

I particularly liked the exhibit about implosions. There were videos and interviews with the people that tear down large buildings. It was fascinating how they can make these huge hotels fall down and stay within their own area and not affect the building next to them.

We heralded the kids out of there and back on the road realizing we hadn't had lunch yet. Believe me, they let us know but held on wonderfully.

We made another stop at Target where we looked around for about an hour.

I got our cheerios and fishie crackers that we can't get here as well as some diapers since I was afraid we were going to run out (yes, they were cloth and we were on our last regular diaper when we got home).

We finally made a pit stop at Pinero Breads for some great sandwiches on the go. Expensive but great - and nutritious too. We crossed the border into New York via the ferry which was exciting for the kids. It was a little unnerving seeing all that ice though. I knew we were in no danger at all but I couldn't help but think of the Titanic.

Once we crossed over the driving was a little easier and I was surprised by all of the wind turbines. There must have been hundreds. I'd love to look into these a little more. There has been discussion about the use of them in our area as a viable power source. We enjoyed the scenery and crossed over to Canada through Cornwall. A few hours later we arrived at the Ambassador Hotel in Kingston where we were spending the night. We made it just in time to enjoy 1/2 hour of the water park before it closed (and our guys were quite ready for bed). It was lights out for all of us. And I have to say - these beds were just a TAD better (and it was nice to have Internet too).

Stay tuned for Monday's details...

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