Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I was beginning to wonder whether Easter and all its trimmings was going to make it around here. The kids were eagerly talking about the Bunny coming and the (3) Easter Egg Hunts that were going to be a result. Me? Well the Easter Accessories Bucket didn't make an appearance until 10pm Saturday night. But yes everything did fall into place. The kids had a great time and were pleased to be greeted with hanging eggs and banners even though it would only be for a day or two. I made them hold off on the Easter egg hunt as their dad was running but since we had to also make it to church for 10:30 (we were skipping the sunrise service and breakfast this year), I finally let them start around 7:30. It was a good thing because this year's hunt took a LONG time! I'll have to remember this !

I did a personalized list for each child - they had to find for instance 3 blue eggs and 6 yellow eggs (the numbers were different for each child). This way they were encouraged to work together and share with each other when they found one they didn't need. Nicely enough, it worked. Among the eggs were also the 12 Resurrection Eggs that I made a few years ago. Once all of the eggs were found they went over their lists, we did the Resurrection Eggs/ Easter story and then they each got a final scavenger clue to find a personalized gift. These included garden stuff, bubbles, sand buckets and shovels, books for Cierra, hair things, craft supplies and a large egg with candy treats. I forgot the new bathing suits and tooth brushes. Matt got goalie equipment and the girls will be getting new scooters. The whole family got an outside hockey net.

Our goals for Easter gifts is to try to get outdoor gifts that we would probably already need to get. This could be bikes, swim suits, garden/ sand toys, bubbles, chalk etc. We'd considered a basketball net but figured Matt's more into hockey right now so the goalie equipment and net would be better received. He says we were right! Since their birthdays fall outside of this season, it seems appropriate to use this holiday to that advantage.

We then headed off to church getting there just on time. Adam had said he would be introducing Mitchell near the beginning so we wanted to be there early but that rarely happens and certainly not when it's a celebratory holiday. Anyway, that went over well and Mitchell got shown around to lots of people. Dad was on worship and I really enjoyed it. I was particularly moved when we sang "Because He Lives".

I'll admit that I hadn't really focused much on the Easter season this year. I guess I was busy. LOL I didn't do anything for Lent. We didn't go to any of the "extra" services. I didn't get any decorations up until the night before. I didn't buy any presents until the day before (thank goodness there was stuff there!), although we did discuss the big ticket items. I remember now though how much I miss the Seder dinner and I do like the sunrise service with the breakfast after. It makes for a long day with the kids but I like that the whole day is focused on the risen saviour.

So being at the morning service and singing the songs we did really made me think about the season. And the day. And the fact that "this child can face uncertain days because he lives". It is so true. I looked at Mitchell and the tears came flooding. It put everything about the day into perspective for me. I love how God does that!

After the service Mitchell met a lot of people and then we went out to the farm. The kids had a hunt in the barn and then we had lunch and sat outside. What a glorious day! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the horses were lingering nearby. It couldn't have been better. Matt and Drew hit some golf balls around the horse field and we stayed until it was time to go to my parents house. There we had another hunt, gorged on more food (LAMB this time - SOOO good!) and socialized together. All in all a great day - one to celebrate the risen king.

Now that we are home - and facing the disaster we left, it has hit us. A good day, but a long day and the mess can wait until tomorrow.

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