Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A week in the life - Wednesday

Another day passed and another day documented.

I was reminded on Ali's blog about taking the time to actually be in the moment. I'm not sure that I've done a lot of that today. Case in point? Matt took a wipeout (not overly serious but hurt his pride nonetheless) and when I thought he was "okay" I took a photo. He was not impressed and asked why I always have to take a picture. I responded by saying that while he was just upset, one day he can look back on this and laugh. He didn't think that it was funny or would be. Maybe not. But I could be a little bit more sensitive. Point taken.

The other point taken from her blog was to remember the conversations and the feelings and emotions - not just the what. I hope to focus on that tomorrow since I have a few more kids home.

Either way, I am enjoying the process.

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