Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the LIfe

This week I am going to be attempting to chronicle a week in our life a la Ali. In many ways similar to Project 365 but much more detailed and for the whole week. So far I have taken quite a few photos and I have done hourly journaling. The big task will be to actually find the time to edit it and post. It just took me 1/2 hour to type out today's details (at times with one hand with Mitchell). It is so much easier to do it on the desk top rather then Drew's computer - but not so easy with the little guy here.

Regardless, I hope it will be cool to look back in a year and see how much has changed - I'm thinking specifically regarding Mitchell. How neat would that have been to have a complete rundown of my Grandma's week? Maybe one day the kids will get a laugh when they look at this.

So I DO have to complete this one. Luckily I really like Ali's format and it shouldn't be too hard to replicate. Hold me to it!

Here's a few photos from today!
Trying to set up the bouncy chair for Mitchell.
Preparing apple crisp for Out of the Cold (last one for the year!)
Finding a crock pot recipe for the Pork Butt Roast we got from Julie.
Drop box at the library - 3 DVD's 3 days overdue =(

Kristy treated me to a pedicure =) It was so nice to be pampered!

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