Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We could get used to this...

...eating like kings every day that is. Our small group (initiated by KG) arranged a week of dinners for us soon after the baby was born. I then found out this week that my sister also arranged for a few days of meals as well. I will be highly recommending that we continue this idea with any other babies born at the church or amongst my friends. Also amazing is that each meal was actually enough for at least one more if not two. Right into the freezer for the next week! What a blessing it has been!

Last Sunday everyone (I was still in the hospital) had a meatloaf from S&C.
Monday (home day for me) was turkey pot pie with strawberries from A&A.
Tuesday was a yummy chicken and broccoli casserole with a fruit tray and dip from K&S.
Wednesday was a pork roast with roasted potatoes and asparagus from C&A.
Thursday was lasagna and salad from G&C.
Friday (Good Friday) was quiche and KFC with trimmings with the H for lunch - which carried on into dinner.
Saturday was some of the leftovers (there are LOTS - mostly put into the freezer as we knew we were getting more food daily).
Sunday was spent at family's places and we also got leftover lamb and ham for future meals.
Monday started the meals from my sister (organized from South Carolina none-the-less) - we had another amazing Pork roast with potatoes and veggies.
Tuesday brought an Asian theme with noodles, broccoli and beef as well as Caesar salad and bread.

I wonder what tonight will bring?

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