Monday, April 5, 2010

A conversation from grandma about Matt...

Before the kids went out on the Easter egg hunt Grandma asked you “if we had 24 eggs and 3 kids, how many should each kid get?” You figured out that each kid should get 8. So when you were outside at the end of the hunt you realized that you had 9 and Marlee had 9 and so without anybody prompting you grabbed one from each of your baskets, without even looking at whether it was the best one or not; you just grabbed one from yours and Marlee’s baskets and stuck them into Cierra’s basket and then you all came in.
Grandma thought that was really neat. Most kids your age would need some prompting but you didn’t – you just did it and did it quietly and everybody went on their way. She had meant to comment on this at the time but didn’t. So she called to tell you - because she thought it was something to be proud of. And we are!

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