Friday, August 20, 2010

10 things to make me scraphappy!

Here's my list of 10 things to do before the year is done: (as spearheaded by the new

1. watch jessica sprague's PSE tutorial online
2. make at least 3 layouts about cottage
3. read ella's book on portrait photography
4. make some blank cards to build up my stash
5. complete at least 1/2 of October 2010 LOAD
6. get caught up on my PSE tagging
7. put layouts into properly assigned albums
8. organize my box of acrylic stamps
9. scrapbook at least one layout on the laptop
10. backtrack to save fave photos online to 2005 for now

Since I always have scrapping goals on my to do list, here are some additional ones which may be interchanged...

make and print blogbook for P365 2009
get caught up with p365 2010
scrap some childhood photos
scrap kids school of life layouts
Mitchell daily digital P365

I think I am off to work on #3 for this week (kind of limited here at the cottage esp since I can not seem to upload PSE and baby fell asleep on my arm)!

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