Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mitchell is now 5 months old!

Another great month with our little buddy aka Mitchelina, brudda, Mitchelin Tire boy.
  • weighs 18lbs 14oz (as of the 31st)
  • length 26.5"
  • major drooler
  • still spitting up
  • EC going strong (still mainly with poops)
  • asserting independence and wants (remember the light sabers?)
  • first time to the cottage (doing better in the car)
  • first time meeting cousins
  • first time "riding a horse"
  • first time watching video (I know, I know - but it was the car!)
  • seems to have a preference for the colour red (coke cans and ketchup bottles)
  • got professional photos done on July 28th
  • very chatty
  • itching to crawl

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