Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 2010 recap

As usual, here is my monthly recap; helping me remember the "details" and stats I like.

- I got out for a 20 minute run this month!!!, otherwise walking and squatting - often with a 16 lb weight added
- Matt - ball hockey and golf camp
- Drew - golf tournament, a few runs

Movies/ tv/ shows watched - a lot of TLC, slice and HGTV, specifically Say Yes to the Dress, DC Cupcakes, til debt do us part, flipping out, cake boss, Design Inc; Sarah's Cottage - all mostly while nursing; Total Drama Island on teletoon; Bride Wars from library; Pleasantville, Ferris Bueller's Day Off on tv

Books/ magazines read - Spiderwick Chronicles #1 The Field Guide; gave up on Songs of a Humpback by Jodi Piccault; reading Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Special Events:
- boat ride with Clark and Alyssa (2nd)
- family reunion (10th)
- Cierra to camp for 2 weeks on work placement, visitor day (11th - 24th)
- Matt to golf camp for 3 days (12-14th)
- Drew work golf tournament (17th)
- parents left for cottage (18th)
- church summer camp - High Seas Adventure (19th - 23rd)
- friend's cottage for weekend (24-25th)
- Drew sideswiped a car in his car (30th)

Health/ Development:
- Marlee lost tooth #4 (top middle left) (21st)
- Mitchell rolling from back to front; 16 lbs 13oz
- kids dentist appointment - all good

- Cierra to camp, visitor day and friend's cottage

Financial Expenditures:
- brakes done on my van ($900)

Household Changes:
- water softener not working again
- gate to basement stairs up

And I actually got a scrapbook page done! I was challenged through Kidding Around to "just finish one that has been hanging around". So I did.

I've been trying to get some done with the kids (through Kidding Around again) but it isn't actually working out yet - but we do still have a month to go. We are getting some of the activities done and the pictures taken though.

All in all another good month - fast, but good.

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