Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabin fever and restful days

The last few days have been up and down. We've had a little cabin fever (Can you sing I am slowly going crazy? with me?) and we've had some fabulous days.

When was my last update? Oh yes - Thursday and here it is Tuesday already! crazy. Here goes:

Friday: A rainy and cold day produced a little cabin fever and we were all going a little stir crazy. Matt researched the fox jaw (I was correct - it was a fox!). Drew eventually took the kids into town to get out of here. They went to the library but got there after it had closed. To kill the time they went grocery shopping or should I say junk food shopping. He also grabbed some disposable diapers - can you believe it? (I haven't used any)

Saturday: A nice day - spent doing very little. A late start to the day and then some time on the beach. We also introduced oursleves to the neighbours Wayne and Dave who were out with their boat tubing and trying to ski. We were surprised by a great firework show from the neighbours who were celebrating a birthday.

Sunday: A beautiful day spent lounging in the cottage and on the beach. Mitchell slept well for his naps. Drew went for a short run and then went with Matt to go golfing. When they got back around lunchtime we went down to the beach and spent some more time cleaning the beach area, playing with sand toys and lounging on the lily pad. Drew took the kids for a spin in the canoe and I even went swimming.

Monday: - we all slept in nicely, Drew went for an 8km run (hills - that's about all there is around here) and then we headed in to town for about 1:30. The kids grabbed a beach umbrella for the cottage at Zellers while I nursed Mitchell (who of course didn't sleep past the drive in). We then grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy's before heading to the cousins. Adena finished work early which was nice and then the boys headed out to golf. We headed to the pool next door. Lovely - except that Mitchell was awake and I wasn't going to take him in the pool without protection. Ours I don't mind but Sandy is meticulous. No thanks. And Mitchell did end up pooping all over my arm as it was. Good thing I heeded my own instinct. When the boys got in we had beef on a bum - yum!!!! And Mitchell went down for a 2.5 hour nap! Yey! We left around 9:30 (sorry guys!) with a tonne of "gifts" for Marlee from Karli and then grabbed a few groceries before heading back to camp. Mitchell finally conked out again after a few minutes but woke up immediately upon arrival. What is that? He gets just enough sleep for a second wind and then has a hard time going down for the night. Oh well - something to continue working on right?

And finally today. As we settle down to watch Evan Almighty together we are watching a windy and cool water outside. The sun is starting to go down but the kids did spend some time in the water and playing with the neighbour kids. We all then had a hot hot sauna and showers. Me? I fell asleep with Mitchell. Over and out!

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