Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Peasy Days

There's not a whole lot to say about the last few days. Weve been pretty realxing and not very productive. Yesterday Drew cut down 6 trees with our neighbour and then he and Matty went into town to play some golf. We stayed in and did relatively little. I got a few naps in with Mitchell and little else. We played some light saber fights, some pick up sticks and watched some tv. Later we caught some MacGyver together and I have to say I think Marlee likes it!

Today we got off to a late start. Shortly after lunch Drew made some steps for the bottom of the stairs at the beach and the rest of us took Mitchell in the stroller to the rock hill in the hopes of getting him some sleep. Sleep only lasted about 20 minutes but was a nice stroll none-the-less. We then built a bonfire on the beach and Cierra and I gathered wood from the water's eadge. We also put some of the stones back up on the embankment. The water was beautiful although I still wasn't ready to go swimming yet. We had a late dinner and watched the movie A Bear Named Winnie -
the inspiration behind the stories of Winnie the Pooh. It all began in White River you know! It was a great family movie - some laughs and some tears. We're now watching The Secret Life of Bees, listening to Mitchell tell us his troubles. I think he is ready for bed and therefore so are we. We'll see what tomorrow brings. TFR!

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