Friday, September 11, 2009

Do unto others - a lesson remembered.

What I learned are always affecting people with your actions and relationships even when you don't realize it.

I have had 3 instances within the last week where I received the utmost compliments. Such so that tears were brought to my eyes. They were over things that I have done just because it was the right thing to do or I guess are essentially in my nature, and I was commended for them. One was about a time over 6 years ago and involved accepting some people for who they were (and are), even though their actions at the time were perhaps not the best.

The other stemmed from some relationships formed a few years ago within a ministry to me (which they were). Through this ministry I too was able to assist and minister back in many ways. In both situations I feel I was just doing what ought to be done and I can see now that indeed they were. And I was shocked to hear how much my actions have meant in these cases.

In the 3rd case I was recommended to do some future work for a family from a person I am familiar with but don't know extremely well. We see each other daily but rarely talk extensively, but who I am and what I do is evident and again she noted this. WOW!

What an honour to be recognized in this way and I am so thankful to have learned this.

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