Friday, September 4, 2009

Lessons learned about today...

Todays prompt is about the weather or specific events or things we have observed. (I'm a little confused). So I was going to write about the weather but instead (as I'm sure it will come up later) I will write about that another time.

So today I am going to write about the gorgeous day we had here at the cottage - probably the last for this year as tomorrow will be spent closing up the cottage for the most part. And what did I learn? That I am becoming a pool person - not so much a lake person. I love to sit by the water but the whole "not seeing where I'm swimming" thing kind of gets me. And that is a little dissappointing for the kids. I did venture into the water today - as it was really hot. I got wet - wen ton the lilly pad - but I didn't stay. I will work on that.

As for the weather... I talk about it a lot and it definately affects us regularly. Just check out my project 365 to see how often I talk about it!

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