Friday, September 25, 2009

There's just something about Fridays!

It's true. As discussed in the prompt today, there's just something to look forward to about Fridays. I'm not even really sure why. For me, the day itself isn't that different from any other. In fact, today was an A-Day so it was my busiest (after school that is), with 9 kids. I was home all day, did get some things accomplished (like finishing my latest book - yey!) and got another run in. After school the kids wanted to play at the school even though it was Wii day so that was fine by me - there are going to be enough indoor days coming soon. We had a great walk home (boys deep in discussion). Drew was heading out on a retreat for the weekend so it was a quick dinner and then relaxation time. Oh how the kids like those nights. So all in all - nothing too special, but there really is just something about Fridays that I look forward to!

Oh - and another thing I learned? One person's impression of another does not necessarily live up to the truth - and that can be a good thing (a lesson better learned BEFORE one puts one's foot in their mouth!)

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