Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today is the bestest day ever!!!

Ahh famous words. Had I only known how easy it was to easy it is to please my daughter. Actually I did know - I just don't take the opportunity very often to fulfil it.

We left for town at 1 pm on Tuesday. We stopped at the laundromat first and put in the 2 loads we had and then headed to the library beside it where we spent 40 minutes until the load finished. We then switched the loads and went through the mall to get to Zellers until the laundry dried. I think we stopped at every store on the way to "browse". She also got a few rides a long the way.
We finally made it to Zellers where we looked at bathing suits and toys for Marlee and found pajamas for Matthew on sale. Sadly I think the toy situation was a little overwhelming so we held off until the "next place". We did find a polly pocket DVD though.

We then went on to a store to get my mom the gifts she needed for work and then on to the other library where I got a dvd they had on hold for me. We'll have to go back to that location sometime as their children's section is much bigger and has a better selection. I found out that even though we only have a children's membership we can borrow movies up to PG-13. Yey! Next we found ourselves at Old Navy where I got a few more t-shirts, a sweater for me and a sweater for Drew. Next was Dollarama for a few dish cloths, a toy for Marlee - a simple polly pockets/ princess knock-off. I love this girl - it really doesn't take much to make her happy.

Our next stop was McDonad's - finally. It had been our plan to go for lunch but somehow that didn't happen - so here it is at 6pm and we make it for dinner. She chose to sit in a nice tall booth and we chatted. She politely declined to play with the 2 girls that were in the play area but went up and down the slides for 15 minutes.
I almost drove past the Sally Ann but remembered to drop off a few things for mom and then on the spur of the moment thought we'd check it out - on the off chance that there was a bike for the cottage. We were in luck! We got a LOVELY one for 6.99. It has one black wheel and one white one, a light pink fender and faded pick handlebars. The frame is white. I am so glad that our kids aren't picky!!! It will be perfect for the cottage for Matt to mess around on. And then of course Marlee can take it over. She has to get used to riding "Guppy" first though. We also got a naked barbie (why do people always give them away naked?) and a junior monopoly game.

We then hit Walmart - and tried on some more bathing suits - we did find one we liked. We also found a "lovely" strawberry shortcake mini doll that can go with her polly pockets sets. We also discussed barbies at length - and finally I convinced her that getting some clothes for the barbies she already has would be wiser then getting yet another barbie. We also found a few more DVD's for "the family". And we were off to our last stop - the Superstore. We gathered our groceries, a few more dvd's and made one final toy purchase - again a discussion over barbies and we ended up getting another Bratz doll to go with the one Aunt Marilyn got her.

By this time it was getting quite late and I still wanted to get the diving rings we'd forgotten at the cousins. Obviously they would be in bed but I tried to call and couldn't get through so I thought we'd stop by anyway. I thought Marlee fell asleep on the way so I chatted with Adena for a wee bit - we then came out when it was apparent she wasn't, so she showed off all her birthday gifts. What a girl. She tried on all the outfits for her barbie and commented on how "lovely " they all looked.

It was well after 11 when we pulled in and she was fast asleep. It really was a great day! She told her dad on the phone that it was the bestest day ever and later to me that she loves when she gets to spend the whole day with just her and me and not the rest of the family. She was energetic and funny and it was just a nice time to talk with her. One funny thing I noticed - when I hold her hand I often put my baby finger around her wrist and she ever so slightly removes it but holds on tightly. Such a sweet girl. We have to plan more of these times.

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