Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weather is a big part of our lives.

Today's prompt discusses how we learn from our enviornment. The topic of weather and seasons came up at least 3 times today - from which you could also say I learned a few separate things.

1. You can't always go by the weather network. Case in point - at Matt's ball hockey game today it started to rain - not muc, just a few sprinkles. But the weather network said it wouldn't rain until 2 pm - and I actually said this to a few bystanders!
2. As much as I hate to say it, summer is coming to an end. Yes it is September 26th and we have determined to close the pool Thanksgiving weekend (becuase there is always a slight possiblity we can get one more swim in isn't there?), and yet I caved today and bought our first pumpkins and fall mums. We went ot the garden store looking for some black-eyed susans (of which there weren't any) and left with pumpkins. I had told myself no pumpkins until October 1st - fall comes soon enough - but the kids won out. I'm going to put tem into the planters this year instead of fall flowers - and we just got the one pot of mums for the ground.
3. I have said it beorfe and I said it again today - I love that we have the 4 distinct seasons here. We went to a baby shower today where the grandmother-to-be was up from Ohio. I'm not overly sure what the weather is like there but I did comment about living here and how much I enjoy the seasons. Again - one day I will scrpabook about this because obviously it is a theme in my life!

Another BTW - the mother-to-be (who is 34) - this was her first baby shower EVER! She had such a blast. It was a real pleasure watching her sheer enjoyment of the event. Their baby is due in November.

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