Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gettin' techy with it!

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah!!!!

Okay I admit I am a little slow at some of this tech stuff that is going on around us.

I was blessed to get an ipod touch for my birthday and since the kids were wanting to use it so much, Drew has since gotten one as well. As of 2 weeks ago I have reclaimed mine as I have started listening to the paperclipping round table and digi podcasts. They have been great - particularly while I trying to get Mitchell down to sleep, and also for while walking to school. I've been learning a lot of new things and the panels are always so entertaining.

But anyway... I just got to "exploring" the ipod today and actually hooked up my email. Oh my goodness! What a timesaver this is! I get a lot of blogs subscribed because it is easier to keep up on them this way - but it means that some days I can get 20-30 emails and it quickly fills my inbox. It's almost overwhelming but there are so many interesting things to read! I then miss the "real people" emails I get. So it was really cool to be able to zip through a tonne of emails today.

When I got a phone call from Drew who noticed that I had replied with my ipod I was overcome and giddy and gave a little "oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah". I was a happy girl.

That's me - gettin' techy with it!

[Now if only I could download my ebooks and pdfs on it - but I'll have to save that for the ipad won't I?]

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