Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November task list - Day 2 and 3

My progress has been going well. I did Mitchell's food list (#18) and Mitchell's Dev't list (#21) yesterday and got Marlee's 6 year old photos in the frames (#24) today. I started to arrange the photos for the wall (#25) but I think I will need to wait for Drew's assistance.

I've posted Mitchell's lists in the kitchen so that I can have easy access to note his development.

I also found my list from this post and re-evaluated where I am. Funnily (lol) I haven't gotten that far. Of this list I have completed the following:

- read ella's book on portrait photography
- completed at least 1/2 of October 2010 LOAD - I did all of it!
- I am getting caught up on my PSE tagging (Oct and Sept are done)

I made and am in the process of getting my blogbook for P365 2009. Speaking of which, I got an email today that I've been booked! I'll be adding the blinkie to my 365 blog momentarily. I can't wait to see the book.

I am now off to do some back tracking on my 365 - 2010! TTFN!

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