Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A sweet sleep blessing

I can honestly say that I kind of enjoyed bedtime routine this evening.

I went up with Mitchell around 6:45, started to wipe him down and change him but he was getting agitated so I ditched that and sat down to nurse. He nursed for about 1/2 hour and showed no signs of falling asleep so we got up and continued the bathroom routine. We then went back to the bedroom and "played". He got a lot of crawling/creeping done and I interacted with him and also caught up on some emails (LOVING the ipod touch!!!). He was in a great mood and just playful. It was awesome. The kids came up around 8pm and said their good nights and I toileted him and did the final songs and prayers. I then nursed him again for about 5 minutes (he wasn't that interested so no problem). I then put him into bed whereupon he started to cry. It wasn't the cry that indicated he needed to be up but I soothed him by shh-patting and talking softly to him. He continued off and on for about 15 minutes with me picking him up intermittently but him not getting overly upset. Could we be getting the hang of this? Anyway, he calmed down so that he was actually just lying in bed making noises. Then his noises turned to the raspberry sound. Which he has been making when he needs to go poop. And which he has been making because it is a fun sound. But I thought I should probably respect the communication part and reaffirm the sound for what we are wanting it to be used for. So I toileted him - no go. I then put him back in bed where he continued to make the noises as well as blowing. No tears. I was just so overcome with his cuteness right then. He rolled over a few times, looked up at me, blew some air and some raspberries. Just content. A few more rolls, some rubbing of his eyes and he was asleep. Amazing. I can only dream that this may happen more in the future but for now, I was so blessed with the time we spent together tonight. Thanks buddy!

BTW - thanks also buddy for an amazing nap today. I was actually getting frustrated that he wasn't transferring (after 3 tries) to his bed after an hour of nursing and falling asleep!!! I prayed "thusly" and then [yes] he did transfer with the next attempt - and slept for 3 1/2 hours (until 2pm)!!! God does have a way...

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