Monday, November 1, 2010

LOAD day 29-31 and final thoughts

Day 29 - Oro Beach Park

Day 30 - Email

Day 31 - U R SO CUTE

And in recap - here are my stats!
Layouts created for LayOutADay October 2010
31 days
31 layouts submitted
24 paper layouts (15-12x12, 3-12x24, 6-8.5x11)
7 digital layouts (3-12x12, 1-12x24, 3-8x8)
4 double page layouts
201 photos scrapped!
All in all a very successful month. Showing me again that I can do a little bit each day if I put my mind to it and the rest of our lives won't fall apart. That being said, it keeps coming back to finding a middle ground. I'd like to do some scrpabokking each month, but I'd also like to be able to tackle my to do lists, and do some reading and watch some tv. Now I just have to work out HOW that is all to happen!

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