Friday, November 26, 2010

Mitchell is 8 months!

Our little guy is becoming such a little 'person'. We are loving how his character is developing. He is such fun!

  • weight? [20 lbs 10 oz - Dec 11)
  • length 28.25" (Dec 30)
  • sitting independently; not transitioning to move yet
  • creeping more quickly
  • new foods - grapes, baby mum mum, cheerios, applesauce (duh! why not earlier?)
  • discovering his tongue - and how it goes in and out and all around...
  • very babbly
  • likes his toes (and anything else that can go in his mouth)
  • enjoys nakey-butt (EC going really well - we are getting several hours a day with nakey butt and only a few accidents - if we could just move that first BM away from 5-5:30 to at least 6:30 lol!)
  • drooling!!! must be getting more teeth
  • sleeping - so-so, night time is good and daytime is improving. I've learned that the trick is getting him when he is ready and not getting overtired - hard to do with this busy household.

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