Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 months old already...

and here is where we stand (literally...)
  • weighs 20 lbs 10 oz and is 74 cm long (Jan 20 - measurements show you have leveled off a little in your weight growth but are still okay - most likely the baby led weaning)
  • I love (most of the time) how you bob when you eat
  • you have done a few hand signals - I think 'eat', 'toilet' and 'all done'
  • not so many of those cheesy grins these days although you are always happy
  • scooting on the potty all around the house (occasionally tipping - yech!)
  • pulling yourself up to a stand around the furniture
  • still doing the worm type crawling and also the push-up style with your bottom in the air
  • doctor visit on 20th where you were measured, weighed and you got a vaccination
  • tooth #7 (Jan 20th)
  • many EC successes, signalling, ~early~ mornings, and nakey butt time - so much so that your dad is wondering if you will ever want to wear pants. I'm sure you will!

  • your daily routine starts around 6am with you kicking me in bed, I get you up and potty you. It is usually a success. We then go downstairs where I feed you and then give you some table food. We then get dressed and head off to school - driving or in the back pack mostly this month. In this last week I have preferred the stroller so that you can get a full nap in it. You have had a really rough week sleeping and we are working on you getting enough. It has been a struggle to get the stroller through the snow though. After you wake up you are pottied, fed and then we sit at the table for table food. Then we hang out doing chores, computer work or errands until Cierra gets home. We then help her with lunch prep and getting snack ready for all the kids. We then bundle up and head to the school to get the kids. We hang out there for 40 minutes playing outside and then walk home. You are usually asleep at this time and stay that way until 5ish when the kids start going home. I'll then get dinner started and kitchen clean-up going. You are usually wanting up and/ or to be fed. We sit down to eat around 6pm and you get more table food. You are such a messy eater! We will then clean you up and take you for a bath or to play with your siblings. I will often try to get you down for bed by bathing you, reading you a short story and then nursing you. You have been waking up though when I transfer and refusing to sleep. I will sometimes put you in to bed anyway but I can't handle you crying for more then 15 minutes although you have been known to fall asleep. Usually we end up getting you back up, getting the other kids into bed and then trying you again closer to 9pm. Yes we have set up some bad habits we know. When you finally go down I can usually be assured that you will sleep for 3 hours at which point I will feed you again, hopefully put you in your own bed and if not ours and then go to bed ourselves. That my boy, is your routine in a nutshell. Always changing and yet staying the same. Go figure.

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