Monday, January 24, 2011


Today...started out as any other day - but you were dry! (and then you went potty! Yey!)
Today...your daddy took you downstairs to get Cierra off to school and I got an extra 30 minutes in bed
Today...your brother and sister had a PA day from school and were joined by 3 kids for daycare did not sleep except while in my arms ( about an hour?) were still in a remarkably good mood had 3 potty misses (one a poop) =( but several hits =) were drooling a lot - are you getting ANOTHER tooth?
Today...your bottom is really sore (again, maybe teething?) and you totally resisted diapers were pulling yourself up whenever and wherever you could pivoted and moved your foot while holding on standing (first time)
Today...your brother and sister loved spending so much time with you wanted nothing but to be held all afternoon grabbed at the potty and then went when I put you on (first time you signalled in this way) wouldn't let me get any cleaning done took over an hour and a half to fall asleep at bedtime were not yourself
But you were still an angel
And tomorrow is a new day.

Today I...was glad to get an extra 30 minutes in bed after the previous nights happenings
Today I...was getting frustrated at the interuptions, the change in routine, the lack of sleep on your part
Today caught up on some blog reading while you stood at my lap
Today I...was feeling guilty about the dishes piling up and the floor being dirty
Today I...laughed seeing you at the window while the kids played outside
Today I...was reminded about how fragile life is and how easily loss can occur
Today I...was glad to hold you as I reflected
Today I...was glad when you finally got to sleep. You need it
Today I...made up for the earlier lack of cleaning after you finally got to sleep
Today I...have so much to be thankful for
Today blessed

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