Friday, January 14, 2011

Childhood Memories

The following are the childhood memory photos I've chosen for Week 3 of Yesterday and Today... and all that I can remember. Let me know if I am incorrect or if you have more details.

Who: Alison and Sarah.
When: 1977? (Sarah 2 years?).
Where: cottage patio.
What/ Why: I love this photo because it screams 1970's to me and is one of the few photos of the cottage when we were young. We went to the cottage every summer for my entire childhood - a time to see our relatives, relax away from the phone and do things as a family. I love Sarah in her droopy underwear and me in my flip flops still looking prissy (which seems to have been my nature). I love that it shows us just hanging out, playing with things that were t the cottage. I still have that umbrella which is was my Nan's and I love that. We just got rid of one of the turquoise chairs this year because it was rotten. I love that the cottage was turquoise and that we have a photo of it. I love that it shows the patio which is no longer there since we've added on.

Who: Mom, Alison and Sean.
When: mid 1975-6 (I'm about 4?).
Where: Grandma and Grandpa's front lawn.
What/ Why: We have visited TBay every summer for as long as I can remember. We visit both sides of our family and then spend time at each of their cottages. Our first stop was always Grandpa and Grandma's as they were the first off the highway. They would be waiting for us in their lawn chairs on the front patio with their tea. This photo reminds me of mom talking about Sean's Paddington shirt. This wasn't the shirt with the "little howol in the middel of the tay-shirt" but it brings back fond memories just the same. I also see the red convertible with the white leather seats in the driveway which I believe we only drove in a few times before it was sold. Mom has fond memories of driving in it. This photo reminds me of spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's before heading out to the cottage. Running over the patio stones. Playing amongst the birch trees. Visiting with the neighbours we only saw once a year. Good times.

Who: Alison and Tasha H.
When: 1984 . I was in grade ____.
Where: C Elementary School.
What/ Why: I played the Artful Dodger in our school production of Oliver. Tasha played Oliver. Scott L is also in the picture. I love to sing and was in a number of our church productions too. Our 4th grade teacher was also the choir director at church so we had a lot of musical exposure. I love this picture because it shows how I put my pants on backwards - notice where the patch is? It should be on my bottom. I loved this play as well as the movie and watched it numerous times. I still sometimes sing along. Oliver, Oliver, never before has a boy wanted more...

Who: Alison and either Boo or Sparky.
When: early 1980's? I look to be 7 or 8 years of age.
Where: the back room in our house on C St.
What/ why: On 2 occasions we found abandoned baby squirrels on our front lawn. We kept them in a hamster cage in the back room and fed them hamster food and milk. They were friendly enough to hold although their nails were scratchy. We enjoyed watching them grow until they were big enough to eventually let them go back to nature. one of them ended up being hit by a car shortly after being freed but one (we assume and hope) went on to a full life.
Other points: why was I living in the back room? See my Raggedy Ann comforter and Aunt Elsie's red and black quilt. Sometimes we had sleepovers back there and maybe I just wanted to be close to this "baby"...

Who: Grandpa S, Alison and Sean.
When: mid 1970's (we are 4 or 5 years of age?).
Where: driving across the lake to Grandma and Grandpa's cottage on ____ Lake.
What/ Why: Every year when get to TBay we'd stay for a while at Grandpa and Grandma's cottage. Their cottage didn't have land access so we'd drive down this steep hill, park the car, give a special car honk and wait for someone to come and pick us up. The water had a steep drop off so we didn't usually swim. We'd skip rocks and run around while my parents unpacked the car. Pretty soon we'd hear and then see the boat and the excitement would grow. Once we were loaded up Grandpa would let us Sean and I drive the boat (assuming it was still light - often it wasn't). During our visit we'd get our cool shades and our life jackets on and go all around the lake. It wasn't an overly fast boat but we had a blast. It was always something to look forward to!

Who: Alison, Sean and Sarah.
When: 1980's (I look maybe 10 or 11 years old?).
Where: H cottage driveway.
What/ Why: Our cousins Rob and Jim always have really cool toys that we would never really have. (Remember Star Wars, Atari, movies etc.) This particular year they had a go-cart that we were allowed to use. It was so cool. The water was really low that year so mom and dad let us drive around the road to the beach where we could do spin-outs and fast racing. It was neat that we could all be involved in an activity we all enjoyed. Such fun!

Who: n/a.
When: 1984 (I was 12).
Where: my bedroom on C street.
What/ Why: I've always been a list/ documenting type person and I can see that it started early. This is a photo of all of the things I got for Christmas. This was the year that I was in Oliver at school so I got the soundtrack. I got another Cabbage Patch pet and a photo album that I put all of the documents in. I was taking piano at the time so I got a piano book. My mom made some dolls for me (Yes I was still into dolls). I can also see that I got some organizing containers, some paper and other little things. I sill still arrange things into a display so that I can get pictures for documenting purposes. A little showing of my type A personality I suppose...
So there we have a few of the memories that go with the few photos I have of my childhood. I'm sure that more will follow. What I like about Ali's class, and this particular week's layout is that the format can be used over and over and over. The wheels are turning...

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  1. Reading about your memories is fun. I'd like digital copies of some of those pictures please. A few comments...I was born in 1977, so picture #1 must be 1979 or 1980. I'm thinking the squirrel in picture #3 is Boo, he was much more friendly than Sparky and I have pictures with Boo that should correspond with this time. Boo lived for a long time, he kept coming onto the porch to eat peanuts for a few years after we let him go. I don't remember what happened to Sparky. Do you remember our third squirrel, Spook? We didn't have him for very long. I think he was the one we found in the dumpster - he had gone blind from heat or something and bit me on the finger. In trying to catch him/free him from the dumpster, a bit of his tail broke off and the vet had to trim it so it would heal properly.