Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 Intentions List

Now that we are well into 2011 and our first month of goal setting/ attaining is just about over, I thought I might review how I did last year. Here is my list and my One Little Word.

2010 Intentions – SIMPLIFY!!! (blue were completed, green were/ are in progress, black - well...)

7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
5 Books I already own
Power of a Praying Parent
3 books from Gotta Dos-Wanna-Dos List
Simple Mom book Club 2010 reads - I've read two of the books and read along with the discussion. The other 2 looked innteresting but I totally forgot about the club. I need regular email reminders or something.

De-clutter – at least 1 box/month
Eat at 5 new restaurants (Eat-in or Take out) Pie; Barrie Burger,
365 Blog Book
Family Mission Statement, Financial Goals and Post
Slides to photos

52 layouts for the year
10 digital layouts
Complete at least 5 “started” projects - see this post

Canon Info/ Photography I read the manual but I can't say that I have any clue how to go o manual or how to do videography yet.
Sillouette – use it for at least 10 layouts it's still in the box!
Digital classes x 2 I've learned a tonne from Ali Edwards and started a class with Jessica Sprague but I am still not through it
Complete 2 online classes - LSNED ( a blog post for every day), LOAD210, LOAD 1010

Well all I can say is LOL!!!! I don't know what happened but not a lot from this list that's for sure. When I discussed this with Drew he was surprisingly supportive and did point out that I did simplify in many ways (not that he could really how) . Of course the main thing to point out was that I had a baby. I guess that is a valid reason. However I think one of the main things that I did learn from this was that I often set my goals WAY TOO HIGH. What was I thinking? Don't get me wrong, I did do a lot of reading, a lot of learning and a lot of creating. I just wasn't specific to these goals. I think in the future I need to evaluate the purpose of my goals. Most of them are just ideas to finish up on things I've thought about. Many coincided with my Gotta Do's and Wanna Do's List (which hasn't been updated since August - yikes). I think bottom line is that I should have simplified BEFORE I wrote my list out. Oh well. I don't know that I can say that I have learned from this experience. I still think that I am just destined to be an overachiever - whether I actually achieve anything or not remains to be seen. I like lists. I like goals and I like to check things off those lists. Some lists are easier to do this to than others. Obviously for me SIMPLIFY is still a word that I need to work on. And trust me I'm trying.

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