Monday, January 31, 2011

Memory Monday - Happy Birthday to a special sister

Tomorrow is my sweet sista's birthday! Happy 34th Sarah! You've come a long way baby. To commemorate this special day I thought I would take a trip down memory lane (not that I actually remember all of these photos mind you) - I will just note what does come to mind...

One of the first photos with just the two of us. Obviously it is 1977, and we were living on W Street. I recognize the outfit I am wearing from a few years previously. The couch is the one mom and dad were starting to purchase when I was first born. They still have it although it has been recovered. I see that Macy looks like Sarah.

I just like this one because you look so scrappy. You are in the kitchen on W Street. Your were just cute - probably 1978 since you are walking.

I like this one because again you are cute. It is probably summer 1979 since it is at the cottage and your hair is a little longer and you look to be about a year older then the previous photo. I like that it shows a bit of the cottage landscape behind you.

I like this one primarily because of the "knocky knees"/ droopy tights (isn't that what mom says you said?) Did you always have droopy clothing? Funny that we still have this dress too. You are in our back yard on W Street and you can see L & T's back yard as well as the Cr's house. Wasn't there talk of some animals buried in the back yard next door that made us refer to it as a pet cemetery? I remember not wanting to play back there very much. That and their very damp basement that smelled. But I digress. Date:?

Awww. My maid of honour. Blue is such a nice colour on you and I really like your hair then too. What a day. Hard to believe we are coming up on 13 years. I should add the photo of you with your scarf - FUN! Thanks again for all your support that day! Date: August 29, 1997

And here we are just recently at the outdoor Christmas Eve service. December 24, 2010. A new mom. Wearing mom's poncho and a distinctly Canadian hat. Are you trying to remind yourself that you are capable of withstanding the cold Canadian winters that you have left behind?
It was so fun to see you in this new role and to be able to visit when you were here.
So Happy Birthday sista! I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow (although it will probably BE tomorrow by the time I finish this lol!). So glad you are my sister!


  1. actually we are coming up on 14 years.........

  2. Thanks Al. Those are some of my favorite photos too. Your memories of those times are so much better than mine. I can barely remember what the house on W street looked like. All I remember is orange shag carpet - sliding down the stairs in our snowsuits, draging our feet while we ran around trying to shock each other...