Monday, January 24, 2011

3 hours - seriously?

So for some reason I just clued in that our dishwasher (the one we purchased a few months ago) takes 3 hours to do a cycle!!! Is it just me or does that seem weird? I'm pretty sure our old one didn't take nearly that long. So I'm asking Drew - could we have known that beforehand? Was the manual on display at the store? Uhh no. But perhaps we should have done a consumer report before purchasing. Let me tell you. Short story? We are not impressed with this dishwasher. Long story? Even though we bought it at Wise Buy it was definitely not a wise buy. Let me count the ways:
1. When we lean up against the counter we turn it on. It happens at least once a day. Very annoying because if you don't realize right away, it fills with some water and then you have to drain it or it gets smelly (see #3)
2. The decals on the front (that tell you where the power button and controls are) rubbed off within a month. Thankfully with some pressure to the powers that be, the panel was replaced.
3. It smells! I will admit that we have some weird shaped dishes and so I regularly do at least 2 loads of dishes by hand. That means our dishwasher then goes on maybe two or three times a week? So I'm assuming that the stuff sitting in there starts to smell. That or the residue that happens to sit in the water (see #1) starts to decay??? But I have never experienced that with any other dishwasher and we would have used it the same amount. But really, it sometimes smells really bad.
4. In trying to save money and the environment we usually don't turn on the dishwasher until after 9. With the delay start timer system however, it still starts running some water when you start it. I don't get it but often I just think never mind - I'll just turn it on after 9 manually. Yeah right. How many times have I forgotten? Too many.
5. It doesn't seem to dry them all that well and there is no heat dry option.
6. Did I mention that a cycle is 3 hours long?

Otherwise I do like the set up of the rack inside. I have found it cleans well enough - we do still have some that don't come perfectly clean but that could be the time factor (see #3).

So yeah - think carefully before you purchase a Samsung something or other dishwasher. Maybe do a consumer report. I'd check the model # but it the cycle is still running.

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