Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy but Bountiful

I had such an awesome day today! I got so much done. I (ah hem) did drive the kids to school and then raced to do a LOT of shopping before my 12:15 Doctor's appointment (for which he was on time I might add). What all did I do?

- Swiss Chalet for gift cards (not open yet)

- Tim Horton's for gift cards and coffee

- Sweet Oven for gift certificate

- Staples for stocking stuffers for Matt and myself

- Chapters for gift for dad

- back to Swiss Chalet (they were open)

- Canadian Tire for gift for Drew, Sarah and kids

- Michael's for teacher gift card

- Walmart for a few things
- Zehrs for groceries and stamps

- Gas

I ran out of time for Costco but all in all it was great!

And so that leads to my grateful list. I am so thankful for the following:

- That I got so much of my shopping done

- That I made plans to meet up with Sean and family
- that I am feeling the baby fluttering tonnes!
- I have great families to work with
- for the Jesse tree interest by kids
- for the Advent focus on family activities
- that we got snow!
- for the smells of candles and baking

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