Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Second

What is with the weather? We are just starting December and still no snow. Yesterday's mini dusting is a distant memory and then today was up to 9 degrees! Beautiful but strange. I did take the opportunity to get a few more things up outside but regarding Christmas prep that was it. A very lazy day.

Remember... I remember making (or rather eating) all of the special cookies my mom made at Christmas time. Shortbread, walnut crescents, chocolate haystacks, toffee bars. We would help with the cookie cutting part but I don't really recall the making of the dough together although we probably did. We've been dividing up the cookie making the last few years and sharing the results - actually cutting down on the amount even. Those are still the favourites though.

A toasty fire, my slippers and comfy pyjamas. All cozy and warm. Ahhhh.

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