Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas but I'll have to show you tomorrow...

I kind of missed the boat with the prompt for today as I didn’t look at it until 9:30 pm. Hard to take lots of photos to show the "looks of Christmas" around the house and town when the day is pretty much done. So it will be post phoned until tomorrow.

So far still not much snow; everyday baking; hopefully some baking for the play; decorations pretty much done; beginning to get cards; made our family photo card; need to write letter and look at numbers; lots of crafts by kids; read a Christmas book; candles; advent;

I did put up our little “Paula tree” which holds all of the ornaments we have received from Paula and now Charlotte through the church at the Christmas Eve service. This has become a particularly favourite holiday decor item for me. Each ornament was made with such love and care to share the gospel of Christ with those at Christmas. So much thought was put into each one. Now that Paula has passed on, they mean all that much more. I felt they were deserving of their own special tree and I love to see them all there together.

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