Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to December and early memories

Welcome to December!
Matt had a great time "prepping" us all for some photos to usher in the month. Definitely some of our prouder moments!

My earliest holiday memory would have to be having my brother come into our room (I shared with my sister growing up), and waking us telling us that Santa had come. He was so excited and it seemed like such an early hour. I know there were years when my parents told us it was too early and we had to go back to bed.

I'll also never forget when both Sean and I got our Raggedy Ann and Andy comforters. I still have mine and LOVE it. It goes on car trips with me and is always the best blanket for movie time. So much so that I now have to fight the kids for it because they love it too. I can picture the scene that morning - yellow shag carpet, piano in the corner with the tree beside. Warm, snuggly blanket to follow. Awesome.


  1. I remember our brother taking me part way down the stairs to peek through the railing and see mom filling our stockings. I think I was like... 3...No Santa for me.

  2. Poor Sarah - it must have been crushing! He did have a way of spoiling things sometimes! We shoudl remind him of that LOL!