Monday, December 28, 2009


Oh yes, there are a few indulgences that I partake in over the holiday season. Should I make a list? In reality not that many come to mind. Certainly cookies or squares or baking is top of the list. I rarely make cookies any other time of the year but when I do? Not too many make it out the door. I also love the music. I mean technically we could listen to Christmas music all year round couldn’t we? Yet I don’t. So I really try to get my fill during December. There is also sleeping in, real apple cider, visiting with friends. All of these things we could really do any time but just seem to focus on at Christmas. Oh and of course picking up a few extra trinkets for myself along the way (not that I don’t do that normally either!) so are these really indulgences? I guess when you really think about it just the baking will suffice.

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