Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It’s 12:10 and I should be heading off to bed. We just wound down by watching a (pretty bad) movie and are ready to move on. All in all a very good day. Family, festivities, fun, food. What more could we ask for. The kids seemed to appreciate all of their gifts and I think I did a better job with Drew this year. He outdid himself and got me a new digital SLR camera. I should have known – he seemed to have been hinting at it for the last week or so. Now I just need to learn it. The gifts we gave seem to have been appreciated as well. We had a late night last night and the kids were up at 6 – then sent back to bed. After a few more interruptions we got out of bed at 7:20. Stockings and then right on to gifts. So much for waiting. We had a bite to eat (amidst dozing) off and on until Cierra came home around 1 pm. She opened her gifts (with the usual display of gratitude - I do love that about her!!!) and then Drew's family came shortly after. We opened gifts with them and eventually headed over to my family around 4:30. Gifts and then dinner and a little relaxation. That and a sore back – all brought about the cluttered house which was left untouched and a restful movie. Perhaps we should have seen It’s a Wonderful Life but who knew. Now it is off to bed. Merry Christmas!

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