Friday, December 4, 2009

A perfect Christmas...and holiday decor.

As the day wound down I found Drew resting on the couch in the darkened living room with the fire on, the Christmas lights on the mantel and the soft glow and smell of candles from the kitchen. I thought of the things that I had yet to do (journal today for instance) and put them aside thinking this is what it is all about. We talked for a good hour about stuff – dinner, church etc. This is what I want Christmas to be about. Being together, cozy, peaceful. It’s not all about the stuff and the to do list. Life will go on whether it gets done or not. But this here, is what is important. Thanks for the reminder.

I don't know that i have a particular piece of holiday decor that I am really sentimental about. I think that I have several that I would be extremely upset if something happened to them. This would include our advent calendar. My mom made it a few years back for us to use with the kids - and they are really beginning to enjoy it. I also have the Willow Tree nativity scene that my sister has purchased for us. I love the simplicity of it and the way they all look together. I have a number of items from the craft program at the association that I have collected over the years which to me are cute and "just part of Christmas". I'm also enjoying the various things we can do with all of the Christmas balls - the glass jars, hangnign in the archways, hanging on the trees. It's been fun to discover new ways to use them!

If I was to reflect on my childhood there are definitely a few pieces that I would love to inherit. My aunt made a really cool nativity scene out of bean bag type people. I love the way they look - and they are durable enough to handle. I haven't even seen it for a few years as mom and dad have been away and haven't set everything up, but I do remember it clearly from our childhood. I also love the homemade tree ornaments my parents have on their tree that we made as kids - with pictures of all of us in our early elementary age. Again, I haven't seen them for a few years but those are what I would call sentimental. I think that as our kids get older and begin to recognize certain items returning year after year I will get more sentimental about them. For now, it is really the meaning behind the few items we do use.

I need to get some photos of those ornaments!

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