Sunday, December 6, 2009

Memories of Christmas' past...and holiday symbols

One of my fondest memories of Christmas past is ringing the bell at church – I wonder if they still do that? Other scattered memories include the shag carpet, Christmas trees from the top of the hill; Sean waking us up early; receiving my Raggedy Ann comforter (Which I still have and STILL LOVE). More recent memories? Reflecting on last year and trying to do better for Drew. To really show him that I do care and can actually put some thought into a gift for him (Well how much thought is following a list but I guess not leaving it to the day or two before would help). Anyway, that is a memory and a goal…

The true symbol of the holidays for me would have to be crèche. Or in certain cases of the nativity scene – just baby Jesus as He is often in Mary’s arms. I particularly like this version as it was [another] gift from my sister. It is fairly simple in nature and was brought back by a friend of hers from Guatemala. Simple. Meaningful.

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