Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LOAD 211 and joy of LOVE

I'm starting 2 new projects for February. Yep call me crazy but that is how I roll.

I get LOAD "for free" this time around since I am a Scraphappy member but I doubt that I would be able to pass up the opportunity anyway. I probably won't follow too many of the prompts because I am still doing Yesteday and Today as well as One Little Word. I am really enjoying both of these classes and I want to stay on top of the lessons. I also have LOADS of unrelated pages on my to do list lol!.

The other project is Joy of Love - a mini online photography class. It is simply a daily email with a suggested photo and the option to upload it to a flickr group. I'm not guaranteeing that I will post the photos every day but I'd like to make an attempt to learn something and get off automatic. Day 1 though and I've already learned something new.

That being said - I'm off to work!

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